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Unfaithful Chapter 10

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Chapter 67


"They’re not gonna stop callin.." I said as I looked down at our phones.

"I told you to turn em off.." He scuffed.

By this time it was really late & Bri, Jake and the gang all check into a couple hotel rooms here at the Marriott. But Briana wanted to play with Ava for awhile, even if she was sleeping.

"Why are you so damn angry!?" I yelled. "What the fuck did I do to deserve this anger toward me??"

"Who said I was angry with you?"

"You won’t let me touch you, we’ve been arguing for the past 15 minutes, and you won’t even look at me!!!" I yelled. "My perfect fuckin day is ruined enough and you’re not making it any better!!!!" I got up & left the room.


"Leave me alone!" I went in the huge living room and slept on the sofa. Strangely, it was comfortable.

I woke up the next morning by Ava giggling, screaming and kicking me in my stomach. Damn, to be so little she kicks hard. I opened my eyes and I looked around. I was in the bedroom, in this huge ass bed, just me and baby Ava.

"Goodmorning pretty girl.." I smiled as I cradled her. "How did you sleep?" She giggled & screamed happily. "Yeah, me too.." I got up and put her in her car seat. Walking into the bathroom, I sat her car seat on the sink & brushed my teeth, washed my face, and flicked a little water in her face. She gasped & screamed. I smiled. "Let’s go find Uncle Diggy.." I took her out of her car seat and we walked out the bathroom & bedroom.

Where could he be??? Wait…

I walked into the living room & he was there, sleeping so peacefully, slightly snoring. I smiled. Ava screamed & laughed. He turned over. I gasped & walked into the kitchen.

"You trynna get us caught.." I giggled. Opening the refrigerator, I grabbed one of her bottles. Diggy must’ve put these in here last night before he went to sleep. I walked over to the microwave to warm it up a little. "You know what Ava? You’re just the cutest little thing." She looked up. "I could eat you right up." Then I felt a hand wrap around me & kisses planted on my neck.

"Baby, I’m sorry.." He whispered in my neck. I took her bottle out of the microwave & tested it on the back of my hand.

"Hm.." I hummed to myself. I turned around and handed Dig the bottle. He grabbed Ava & I walked off.

"Babe?" I was silent. He sighed. "Alright.."

"I love you.." I murmured to myself.

"I love you too." I heard him say. I turned around & looked at him. He smiled.

About an hour had gone by and Diggy & Ava left me to go to Wal•Mart. When they came back, Diggy walked in with a single rose & a little box of chocolates…he just knows how to warm my heart. It’s always the little things that matter the most.

But unfortunately, we haven’t talked since then…atleast I hadn’t. I was sly listening to My Girl just so I could hear him talk, until he & Ava walked in. I stopped the song…

"Auntie, the baby needs her diaper changed." I grabbed her blanket and laid it at the foot on the bed.

"Her bag’s over there.." I pointed by the window. He nodded, laid her on her blanket & grabbed her bag. I started making silly faces at her. She smiled, showing gums and all.

"Hey mamas.." I played with her upside down. "You left uncle a stinky?" Squeezing her cheeks and making kissy faces in her face as she giggled & kicked her little legs. "Yeah, I know you did.." I smiled then looked up to Diggy recording me. "DIG!!" He laughed.

He started tapping away at his phone for a second then put his phone in his pocket. My phone beeped as he put Ava’s bag on the bed. I grabbed my phone & looked at it. “ Ava leaving surprises for me..lmao 😓👶💩😷 @imjust_shon beautiful ass 👀😏😍…even at 6 in the mawnin #shleepy 😩😴 ” He captioned it. I smiled to myself. Then I started recording him.

"Ava, Ion like surprises babygirl.." He frowned as he was wiping her bottom. "Not yours atleast."

"You know you love it.." I murmured. He looked up. I pretended to be playing on my phone.

"What was that?" He smiled. I giggled.

"Oh nothing.." He put her on a new diaper then picked her up.

"There, feel better?" She screamed. I smiled & the video ended. He threw the dirty diaper away, in the bathroom.

I smiled at the thought of our baby and him with Ava & him with kids in general so I captioned it “ @diggysimmons would’ve made the perfect daddy ! #BestUncleAwardGoesTo ….. 😉😆🙌😍 haha #sexyhunkofman #hesmine #andimnotsharing #sorryjetsetters 🙈😘 ” then I laid down. He came over and laid in front of me, laid Ava in between us. He kissed me.

"I forgive you.." I said softly. He smiled, then his phone beeped. I giggled. He pull out his phone & unlocked it. He laughed.

"Sorry JetSetters?"

"Whaaat!?" I smiled. "I told em that I wasn’t sharing.." I kissed him. "You’re all mines mister!!"

"Yes mama!" He smirked & winked at me.

"Oh gosh.." I giggled.

Then my phone started going off like crazy…my Instagram, Twitter, my Tumblr, even my Facebook. Holy shit…what did I do??

"What did you do!?" He said.

"Me??" I questioned. "Nah, nigga you.." His phone did that same. I laughed, then opened up Twitter…my mentions…

My twitter was blowing up like crazy…our fan going crazy over that one little post. Like jeez….

" @imjust_shon would’ve meaning?? 👀👶👀

" @diggy_simmons you got @imjust_shon pregnant ? 😳😨

" Oh shit @imjust_shon is pregnant😩😁🙌 & @diggy_simmons is the pappy!!! 😍😍 YASS BISH !!!

" @diggy_simmons whyyyy 😭😭😭 you were suppose to have my baby not @imjust_shon #congratsdoe 👌😁

" YAASSS !!! MY BISH @imjust_shon IS PREGNANT BY THE BAEEEE @diggy_simmons 😆😍💃👏

And a WHOLE lot more! Holy muthafuckin shit! What have we done!!?

"I blame you!!" I hit him. He rose his eyebrow.


"You did get me pregnant!!"

"Which you aborted.." I sighed.

"Can you stop holding that against me!? It wasn’t my idea…I didn’t even wanna go through with it!" I got up and walked into the bathroom.

I tweeted, “ Lol guys I’m not pregnant…yet , but I will soon..not too soon. 😉❤️ ” Diggy replied, “ @imjust_shon I wish you were.. ” “ @diggy_simmons Birth control says otherwise , but you know I got you baby 😉😘 ” I smiled.

"Get off my page.." I yelled. He kinda chuckled.

A few hours had passed & the whole gang was in our suite. Bri playing with Ava.. Diggy and the guys talking on the balcony, Zoe on the phone & me and Winn talking in the bedroom as I laid my head in her lap.

If I’m not talking to Briana, Diggy or my mom about my problems, it’s Winnie. She understands me. Even though she just turned 19, she has a three-year-old boy. He just turned three. He’s too cute…looks like Mackenzie. Dark wavy hair, has Winnie’s skin tone…like a cream kinda color, he talks too well for his age, he’s just a little sweetheart. Yeah Winn & Kenz have this thing, I’m the only one that knows about it…and Zoe, Diggy & the guys. They’re so cute together….and engaged. I’m just so happy for them.

"Why did they make you do that? I think about that so much, cause if that was my son.." She shook her head. I sighed.

"I don’t know.." I sighed. "I really wanted her.."

"Hopefully when your career really takes off."

"Hopefully sooner.." Then I looked at the time. 9:42am. Shit, we gotta flight at 12.. "Damnit!" I jumped up.

"What?" Winnie asked.

"Daniel!!" I yelled as I walked out of the bedroom. I saw him walked in. "It’s almost 10 o’clock.." He rubbed the back of his head.

"Damnit.." He murmured & sighed. "Iight, call mama.." I called her.


"Can you bring Dig’s bag to the airport? It’s by my nightstand….my empty nightstand.." She laughed.

"I still can’t believe you’re leaving me.."

"You’re the one that wanted me to leave." I laughed.

"You thought I was serious??" We laughed even more.

"We’ll meet you at the airport.."

"Alright.." She hung up.

"Alright, let’s go!" I yelled.

"Go where?" Bri asked, walking in with Ava. I took her from Bri.

"We gotta go.." Diggy came out with Ava’s bag & car seat. As he got her bottles out the refrigerator, I put her in her car seat & strapped her in. I picked it up. "I’m moving to Jersey with Dig…"

"Why you leaving me!?" She pouted.

"I’ll come visit.." I smiled. "I promise. Y’all wanna come to the airport with us?"

"Sure.." Kenz said, wrapped his arms around Bri & Winn. I smiled.

"Yeah I gotta be somewhere anyway.." Spin said.

"Alright, let’s go.." I walked toward that door.


On our way to the airport, Dominique was in the backseat playing with Ava. Recording her, talking to her….all that good stuff. She shouldn’t’ve listen to them, she’d been a great mother. She should’ve keep her, our kid…our family we could’ve started together.

At the airport, we saw mama….then my mom & dad approached her. I stopped. They looked over at us. I shook my head & sighed. Just give them Ava & go on about yo business..

"Daniel!" Mom went to hug me. Stepped back, but I did hug Dominique’s mom.

"I’m fine!" I snapped. "Hey mama.."

"Hey baby." She said. I just stared at my parents. "Now you starting to act like Dominique.."

"I know it looked familiar.." I heard the sarcasm in Dominique’s voice.

"I’m gonna miss you!" Bri said. Dominique laughed.

"Me too boo!"

"Dig stop!" Mama shoved me. I sighed.

"What did we do for you to be angry with us?" Dad asked me.

"What d’ya think?" I asked him. "You took her side out of that whole debate…over yo own son!" I yelled. "You know she was in the wrong!"

"Yes, but she’s a women and all women just gotta be right!"

"That’s right!!" Dominique said. "Preach it!" I shook my head & smiled.

"I agree with you completely, yeah she was in the wrong but she was right about somethings as well.." I sighed and rolled my eyes. Then Dominique walked up with Ava’s car seat.

"The Princess and her bag.." She smiled. Dad took her..

"We got a flight to catch.." I wrapped my arms around Dominique.

"Bye guys.." She waved at them.

"I’ma miss you.." Mama said. Dominique ran over & hugged her.

"I’ma miss you too…Love you."

"Love you too." She kissed her forehead. I smiled. She walked over and hugged me as well. "Take care of my babygirl."

"Yes ma’am.." She kissed my cheek. "Bye.."

"Bye." I grabbed Nique’s hand and we headed to the plane, without us looking back, I heard Dominique sniffling.

"It’s alright babe."

"Yeah, I know.."

Now on the flight, we sat quietly. A few fans asked for pictures and if we were okay. I just didn’t wanna be bothered. But I’m kinda excited to land though, can’t wait to get to Jersey..

"You think things’ll ever be the same?" Dominique asked me softly. I shook my head.

"Just depends.." I shrugged. She laid her head on my shoulder.

"On what?"

"…what the situation is." I sighed.

"I should’ve fuckin kept her!" She lightly sobbed.

"Yeah.." I held her. "But there’s always next time." She looked up at me.

The flight always feels longer and longer the more I go back and forth from Jersey to Texas. I ain’t complaining though…I’m thankful for everything God’s given me & allowed me to do. Just thankful, grateful, blessed.

People think that hip hop is strictly about struggle. I think hip hop is about being yourself. I think that’s hip hop. Hip hop is about expression

— Diggy Simmons (via everythingaboutdiggysimmons)

7 Rules Of Swag By Diggy Simmons


1. Style comes from within

“For me, what swag is…it’s persona. It’s confidence, it’s personality. It’s about you. You can’t let the clothes wear you. You’ve gotta wear the clothes. You gotta freak it, you gotta style it. You’ve gotta do it your own way and you’ve gotta own it. That’s what swag is…

I got everything I wanted standing right here in my face…

— Diggy



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